What is nageli and why they are needed

Construction of wooden houses differs significantly from conventional construction, brick, concrete blocks, and so on. D. The main difference lies in the fact that in the case when it comes to the second embodiment is used for the bricks or blocks ligament cement, or adhesive solution (also known as a wet solution), and in the construction of the house from a bar or a log, no such provided.

More precisely it provided, but a slightly different technology to strengthen the timber. This can be barbs, and can also be used nog.

Of course, the priority task in the construction of a wooden house is to create a special notches on the tool bar, through which they are attached to each other. However, if this use still nagil, such a design would be more robust and sturdy. Given this importance, let's see what kind of detail, and how to apply it correctly.

Nagel is a wooden cylinder-like parts, which are used to reinforce the walls of the log in the construction of wooden houses. With long in about 25 - 35 centimeters, and a width of about 2, 5 cm, they are inserted into the holes in the logs perpendicular to the ground plane. The interval over which is usually inserted nagilya half, two meters.

At the same time, using a chess order of their placement in order to design more stable.

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