How to cut out glass ordinary scissors

What if urgently needed glass cutting and glass cutter near there? It turns out that ordinary glass is cut with scissors. Only need to know how to do it.

Of course, the various models of glass cutters, commercially available, can handle any glass. But what if the urgently needed glass of some form or the volume of work is such that because it is a pity especially buying glass cutter? The most interesting way to cut a piece of glass desired shape by ordinary scissors can be useful in the field. For example, in a campaign - in a situation where the glass lantern broke and can not be replaced.

What to do? Apply the useful advice. If you take up the case for the first time, the glass from which to cut out the desired shape product, pre-mark is necessary. You can do this marker, markers or paint, which does not dissolve in water. In the extreme case of paper or cardboard can be cut pattern, which will be cut by the glass preform.

Glass preform to be placed on the bottom of a large container filled with water. The more water is poured, the better the cutting happens. Then the glass preform is immersed in water, as close as possible to the bottom. And gradually trimmed underwater ordinary scissors to the desired size using striping.

The water in the tank will protect eyes and hands from the small fragments. As well as create the necessary conditions for a quality cut glass. After fitting the window glass with scissors can be further sanded, cut sharp edges. This is done in an ordinary bar for sharpening knives.

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