How to get rid of the fat folds on the stomach: 3 ways without dieting

Weight loss in the abdominal area - the most common problem. Fat in that area of ​​the body out slowly and reluctantly, namely bulging belly and folds it spoils the appearance of the figure.

Lose weight in the abdomen can be burning subcutaneous and visceral fat as a means of diets, and without them.

Today will talk about five ways that work and have a good fat burning effect. All of them are suitable for those who can not afford to sit on a diet.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

If we combine all of the above with a diet - you will get very fast results!

1. We accelerate metabolism

To stop the fat to accumulate, decreased appetite and fat burning to run it is necessary to speed up the metabolism.

Ways very much. One of them - the water Sassi. It is very simple: The following components are to be mixed in the three-liter jar:

  • 2 cucumber (cut into rings);
  • ginger (half the average size of the root, is also cut into rings);
  • lemon - whole, too, cut into rings.

Pour all the clean water stored in the refrigerator.

Bank desirable to drink 2-3 days, you can add mint or lime.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

This is probably the cheapest tool for quick launch of fat burning. For a couple of days, you will print all the excess water, and it will start to burn fat.

2. Correction of power without dieting

You can eat whatever you want, but make only one rule: a light dinner. As a result - you will not have to sit on a diet and count calories to lose weight but start.

For dinner, do not eat sweets (including drinks) and flour.

You can: fish, chicken, mushrooms. Less fat and no carbohydrates, except for vegetables.

So eat quite real - a large selection of dishes and there will be no disruptions - until the evening allowed everything.

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Photo from a search engine

Morning exercises on the belly

Do they have to be only on an empty stomach.

First - vacuum:

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Photo from a search engine

Retractor belly ribs, slightly delaying breath (initially - 5.10 seconds). Repeat 10 times.

So you quickly remove your bulging belly, strengthening the internal muscles, as well as being down the stomach and start burning fat in the morning.

Try these tips, it's not complicated, but very effective!

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