How to choose the heating convector

Convector - a heater that is capable of quickly and efficiently enough to warm the room due to the principle of convection. When the heated air rises, dragging and the colder lower layers, causing them to warm and. No additional air circulation in the room when it is not needed. The best is an electric heating convector, which, in turn, can be divided into species by the method of installation, the thermostat device and many other parameters. How to choose the heating convector?

The most important selection criteria are considered to be economical, safety, simplicity and ease of installation and operation, as well as durability and reliability, and sometimes - the presence of additional functions. Naturally, all these parameters are directly dependent on the design of the device and the method of its installation in the room. From this and we will make a start in the first place.

Most often, heaters are mounted on the wall - a window using the special mounting brackets. Sometimes, convectors and floor may be - on the legs or on wheels. Such models are convenient to move to where you need the most heat, for example, to the bed.

When choosing a convector, pay attention to the body of the product. Coating paint or varnish should be in perfect condition with no chips or scratches, uniform and without streaks. Inspect the seams - they must have tight joints, no cracks and gaps. The higher the convector, the faster it warms the room, the best figure in this plan - 40-60 centimeters.

Pay attention to the thermostat - it can be electronic or mechanical, but must in any thermostat should be to protect against overheating. As for power, it is calculated according to the exemplary scheme: 1 kilowatt of 10-12 square meters of space. If the room is high ceiling (above 3 meters), add about 10% of power per square meter.

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