How to conduct a sugar detox

Sugar detox is needed in the event that you feel that you are addicted to sweet and barely can hold without a long period of time.

For many, it is no secret that the addictive sweet, so sweet tooth is extremely difficult to stick to your diet: all time pulls on harmful sweets and, as a result, there is a failure.

In order to overcome these cravings are often invited to Sugar Detox: cleansing of the body and get rid of traction.

Hold it pretty simple.

At the time of detox eliminates all foods that may contain sugar in any of its form (honey, fructose, etc. - are included in this list).

Banned all fruit, all semi-finished cakes. It is desirable to have a time of detox products as simple as possible for you to be confident in their composition. For example, there is no canned fish and cooked yourself. There are a lot of vegetables and protein products. The simpler your menu - the better.

photo from site
photo from site

In addition to the lack of sugar is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

In this mode will eat exactly 3 weeks.

During this period you will receive the following:

  • leave a strong desire for sweets, it would be desirable average 2-fold lower;
  • you will lose weight by several kilograms;
  • your receptors will respond differently to sweet food: is not the desire to eat a lot of chocolate or ice cream, you will begin to feel the true taste of "sugar" products.
  • the skin of the face and body will look in better times.

This detox - a great base for any diet. After his weight goes much more readily, and to the person it is easier to give up any junk food.

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