Orthopedic surgeon about the treatment of arthritis of the knee. What not to do DO!

Arthritis Treatment depends primarily on the cause of its occurrence. Chronic arthritis most commonly occurs as a result of infectious diseases or degenerative changes in the joints. Causes of acute arthritis - injury and infection. Chronic arthritis develops gradually, from the lightest type of crunch symptoms in the knees turning to unbearable pain inflammation, complete restriction of mobility. Acute arthritis occurs sharply, inflamed knee immediately body temperature rises.

Arthritis of the knee joint
Arthritis of the knee joint

Depending on the cause of the disease treatment is prescribed. In the early stages of chronic arthritis and sufficiently LFK-chondroprotective drugs. They help stop the joint destruction process. Therapeutic exercise ensures proper blood circulation in the knee, stimulates the production of synovial fluid, leading to tone the muscles that support the knee.


In chronic arthritis to stimulate the blood circulation recommended hot lotions, bath, heating.

ACUTE KNEE ARTHRITIS WARMING IS PROHIBITED! This will cause the development of inflammation, infection gets into the surrounding tissue.

Common in the treatment of chronic and acute arthritis of the knee joint

Total treatment of two kinds of disease necessarily combination drug therapy, physical therapy and exercise therapy. Any complex arthritis is treated, and each area of ‚Äč‚Äčtreatment is equally important.

Many people do not attach much importance to physical therapy, and in fact it helps to strengthen muscle tissue, joint with the load is removed, which results in the best outcomes.

Treat arthritis of the knee should be a doctor. Do not self-medicate!

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