Cascading ceilings in old buildings, the way out

Every homeowner wants to have at his disposal and the original designer features residential area, but owners of old Soviet apartments carry a decorative arrangement of the premises becomes very difficult.

This is explained by the fact that these apartments are not much adapted for redevelopment. All designs and floors are so old that any of their deformation and the change could result in the collapse. In such a situation, one of the profitable ways to modernize the living space can be a cascading ceiling.

Suspended models cascading designs

Such structures are suspended modifications, which are set at different levels. As a result, the consumer is able to significantly increase the visual space of his apartment, and attractive place lighting fixtures. All devices will be merged with the main outer surface that will allow the user to experiment with light atmosphere and a panoramic view of your living room.

It is important to note that the cascade ceilings can be beneficial to install and mount their own hands. The fact that their weight is relatively small, so they are often installed even on plastic frames. Sami frame connections are attached to the ceiling on special screws and dowels, which are easy to fasten with a conventional drill.

Design cascading ceiling panels

The great advantage of the cascading ceiling becomes what they have in their structure quality decorated panel that can have a different color composition, as well as a variety of raised drawings. This is why the consumer can, if desired beneficial change its interior, periodically alternating between these panels to other modifications.

As a rule, suspended ceilings in this class are sold in full sets and kits that can be profitable to buy at any hardware store. It is important to note that in these complexion already includes a main frame, which is just and necessary for the installation of all structures.

the user can strengthen panel with special glue, but experts recommend leaving them free if desired. In this case, it will be possible to quickly replace the lamps in the luminaire or to carry out repairs to the ceiling, which can be quickly disassembled without unnecessary damage and deformation of the main floors.

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