3 simple rules to preserve youthful skin

Leather main indicator of youth
Leather main indicator of youth

Extrinsic aging person begins after the body's collagen production is significantly reduced. The skin becomes more dry, stretched and sagging. Wrinkles and cellulite. Can not stop the aging process, but can significantly slow it down, to stimulate the production of collagen.

How to stimulate the production of collagen?

Youth and beauty of the skin can be stored, keeping the three simple rules:

  • Rejection of bad habits. Alcohol, smoking, fast food significantly worsen the skin condition, slowing down the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Protection from the sun's rays. Sun strongly dries the skin, the water molecules, which are held collagen chains, evaporate, the skin grows old quickly.
  • The use of animal collagen. In humans, the collagen is split into amino acids in which there are new collagen chain. That is, with age (after 35 years), with a lack of development of own collagen, you need to use the rates of collagen hydrolyzate based on animal products for skin beauty. It is collagen, obtained by processing raw materials of cattle, the composition as close as possible to the human.
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