Remove the fat from the waist and abdomen: an effective home exercise "lateral swing"

Bulging belly and hips - a problem that is often faced by the fair sex.

In order for the shortest possible time to get rid of these shortcomings, it is necessary to figure to include in your daily routine more effective exercises to burn fat, and lift correction figures.

Then you can pretty quickly get good results and get rid of extra centimeters in the sides and belly.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

This exercise is entirely suitable for home exercise and does not require any additional equipment. All you need - a comfortable, smooth and hard surface.

Before you start, be sure to mash (light charge), a body to be ready for loading.

It is necessary to stretch the neck, elbows and hands, knees and feet. This protects the trouble at runtime, connected with joints.

A set of exercises for charging may be, for example, such as shown below:

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

Now we proceed to the main exercise.

Lie on your right side, back and legs - straight. Relying on his right hand, lift the body. It is also important to pay attention to the neck - it should also be straight. Neck, back and legs should form a straight line.

This - the starting position. Stand it takes about 15 seconds, then relax and lay down for approximately 10 seconds.

Make the maximum possible number of repetitions on each side, it is advisable to do at least 15 repetitions at the first class.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

The number of sets - 3, but if you do not have the energy to perform the entire complex for 1 time, it is possible to do Exercise during the day and evening, dividing the number of sets and reps (in the morning - 2 sets of 10 times, in the evening also).

After exercise can not have 1.5 hours.

Every day the number of repetitions increase by 2-4 times. Try to zoom in and the time in which the body is raised - it starts the fat burning position.

Apart from this exercise, you can add others to get a better work out the problem areas. Subscribe to the channel, tomorrow will be an article about another classroom exercise on fat loss in the hips.

The fat in this area is cleaned at once: be patient and do not lose hope for a positive outcome, it is sure to be!

Home "trick" is that in the first week will not be visible effect in the mirror and on the scales, but you will feel the muscles become more elastic and return to the tone. After 10 days, the fat starts to leave, and - quite rapidly.

Therefore, if you are prematurely give up and stop doing the exercise - lose time. Give some time to your body so that it can cope with the new regime and the result will surprise you!

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