First aid for joint pain. What medications help best

Pain in the joints is not always saying that began joint diseases. Very often, especially during the garden work, joints hurt simply because you are too bothered shock on beds. Determine why any discomfort in the joints, it is possible by the nature of pain.

If joint pain is not expressed strongly and it was preceded by physical labor, your joints just "tired". Arose muscle clamp, and with it - uncomfortable. In mild to moderate pain in the joints to take analgesic antiinflammatory action - aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen. These drugs relieve pain is great and aching joints, but a negative effect on the digestive tract, therefore, constantly advised not to take them. Modern means of Celebrex does not affect the stomach, but it increases the risk of complications in the heart. Therefore, it can only be taken after consulting a doctor.

The tablets of the pain should be prescribed by a doctor
The tablets of the pain should be prescribed by a doctor

Severe acute joint pain suggests injury or inflammation. You should consult a doctor immediately! It will determine the cause of the pain, prescribe strong analgesics and opioids. If joint pain does not move normally - self contraindicated!

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