The popular sliding French doors

Traditional French doors have a small area with wooden panels delimited between which are inserted the glass type (transparent, tinted, textured, fine). White is the standard color of French doors.

French doors are not standard and can fit into any opening. Typically, they are located on the outside of the house, leading to the balcony. Sliding French doors to decorate your home interior and exterior. They are available in different styles, colors and materials, and a wide range of selection corresponds to a unique choice of every consumer, his taste and preferences.

French doors to serve different purposes. In particular, through them, plenty of natural light and fresh air, a feeling of space open. Large entrance connects the interior space with the exterior doors have a beautiful appearance. As a rule, the scope of sliding French doors made of wood, metal or fiberglass. The advantage of using a timber frame (from different hardwood) is that it imparts softness and warmth may be colored in accordance with the individual color preferences.

fiberglass doors are most popular as they are easy to maintain, very durable and look in a modern style.

Combined doors combine wood panels with aluminum trim. Wood gives traditional kind, and aluminum for strength and uniqueness. Sliding French doors made of steel are also ubiquitous. They require little maintenance and provide additional safety. Cleaning and maintenance is limited to keeping them clean and well lubricated. Sliding French doors offer classic complex profile, elegant appearance, dramatic effect, special style, functionality.

They share a large room, creating additional opportunities for business and pleasure. Setting the sliding French doors, you can enjoy a beautiful garden, swimming pool, mountains and sunsets from anywhere in the room. Ease of sliding doors is the ability to install the glass panels and for extra privacy glass can be opaque, you can hang the curtains. Blinds allow you to adjust the penetration of light to the extent necessary in order to optimize the air flow.

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