Did you know about the best way laying laminate?

Making repairs in their brand new apartment, it came to choosing a floor covering. After much speculation about the choice of material for the floor, it was decided to lay laminate, The benefit of experience with this material still had the previous apartment. And after we have chosen and purchased liked the laminate, it was necessary to decide on the method of installation.

There are several ways of laying laminate:

  • chaotic or scatter;
  • Shift1/3 or deck;
  • Shift 1/2;
  • diagonal;
  • The diagonal-shift 1/2 and 1/3.

Chaotic or randomly the easiest in terms of styling. This method consists in the fact that to begin to stack each subsequent row with the previous crop. The undoubted advantage of this method is virtually waste-free. Minus - it's quite ugly figure calculations. If you are not essential aesthetic component, but more important than the economy, it is better to choose this method.

diagonal layout - this is when the ranks of the laminate are not located along the walls, and diagonally. This method is very beautiful and unusual look of the room. But this method

complicated by and then very unprofitableBecause after he has left a lot of scores.

Realize shift (deck) 1/2 or 1/3. This method is the most common from the masters for laying laminate and customers. This method is optimal for different tasks. After it is not a lot of waste, and this layout looks quite attractive for any interior. The principle is laying to each subsequent row begins with a strap on 1/3 (1/2) shorter than the previous.

For your apartment I chose, in my opinion the most preferred method of calculations is deck shifted 1/3. I like this picture, especially the clearly visible when using laminate with beveled. Chamfer emphasizes beautiful interesting pattern calculations. Most likely, there will be people who would be preferable to the other method of laying, and they are absolutely right, because everyone sees the beauty of their.

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