Three products that protect blood vessels from cholesterol plaques

Before we talk about the foods that can really help the body to fight atherosclerosis, I want to say a few words about cholesterol:

- First, the substance - it is essential for our body. And the rise in blood cholesterol is linked to a greater extent with metabolic disturbances. First of all it increases the production of the liver. And on food accounts for only 20% of the total volume of circulating blood cholesterol.

- Secondly, cholesterol refers to alcohols. Yes, it is alcohol in their chemical nature. And it is insoluble in water. Therefore, to promote it in the bloodstream need special transport substances, mainly adipose nature.

Why is it important? Because I want to tell you about those products that are able to ensure the normal transport function, and excretion of cholesterol formation in the body. That is, they have a direct impact on these links metabolic process.

And consider these products are not just "from the light", namely, from a chemical point of view of interaction with cholesterol.

1. Linseed oil

Cholesterol - is animal fat that is vegetable oil that component does not and can not. But in the linseed oil contains large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to the normalization of the lipid balance and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood when it is increasing.

Ie linseed oil promotes the excretion of cholesterol from the vascular bed, activating activity of high-density lipoprotein - good fats.

2. oyster

For some reason, the ability of fungi to reduce cholesterol in the blood is not often hear. But in the oyster contains a unique ingredient - a statin naturally occurring chemical structure closest to lovastatinu.

Ie oyster able to influence directly on the production, the synthesis of cholesterol by the liver. They, like chemical statins decrease the production of cholesterol, thereby lowering its concentration in blood.

Thus natural statin tolerated better than in the tablets does not cause adverse symptoms and side effects.

3. Parsley

As a result of the metabolic processes of the cholesterol into the intestine from the liver in the composition of bile. And there is its reabsorption, thereby increasing its concentration in the blood.

And parsley (in principle as any coarse fiber product, but to a greater extent) that helps keep cholesterol and its excretion from the intestine.

That is, this green prevents reverse cholesterol absorption from the intestine. And he does it very effectively, bringing up to 20% of the "free" cholesterol.

In addition to cholesterol parsley outputs from the gut, not only cholesterol, but also other toxic products produced as a result of life.

These simple products that can be found in any supermarket, affect all three executives of cholesterol metabolism. The inclusion of these products will help to more effectively combat atherosclerosis and prevent its harmful effects.

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