Fat on the hips: get rid of "gilife" for 10 minutes a day

Fat deposits on the thighs, is popularly called "breeches" - a problem many women.

"Breeches" - a natural part of physiology. "Ears" on the hips appear even in those who do not suffer from excess weight and generally satisfied with their figure, the fact that it is a local fat that appears during puberty. From the point of view of medicine is just fatty tissue of the body, that is the norm.

Of course, some have "ears" are less pronounced, in others - more. If a lot of body fat, and you like to get rid of them, then you can resort to is not difficult, but very effective exercises that can be done at home.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

Exercise is best done not earlier than 1 hour after the meal. To perform only takes about ten minutes a day, so it can be done in the morning before breakfast or at night before bedtime.

The exercise is performed lying on the floor.

It is desirable to make it moderately hard surface using sports mat or rug. So you reduce the possibility of pain during exercise time.

Starting position - lying on his side, leaning on the arm bent at the elbow, hips on the floor.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

Perform the exercise as follows:

From the starting position raise thigh aligning housing, as pictured above.

In this position, the need to freeze and to count to 10. Ztem slowly lower your hips to the floor.

Do 20 reps on the first right, then the left side.

Now, little more complicated exercise.

Doing the same things, but with the rise not just fix a hip, but also do simple leg movements: bend the leg at the knee, elbows in the ribs and knee touch the elbow, then the same thing, but front.

Detail is shown in the photo below:

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

Do 15-20 reps on each leg.

If during the first workout you find it difficult to carry out this exercise, it can be a little to ease the problem. To do this, you must not rely on a bent and a straight arm. It will look like this:

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

Daily performing this exercise you will get rid of excess centimeters on hips, as well as well-Defined area of ​​the inside of the thighs and buttocks.

Exercise takes very little of your time, but it is great to transform your figure!

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