What medications incompatible heart aspirin

Rarely a doctor by assigning one or another medication, ask what medications you take on a regular basis. But the heart of aspirin now assigned to every second person, after 55-60 years. Typically, with a bunch of chronic diseases.

And, despite the fact that the heart of aspirin - the maximum safe drug, some caution should be taken when it is receiving (and drink it for a long time, "life" in some cases).

aspirin heart - with some drugs is not compatible?
aspirin heart - with some drugs is not compatible?

No one better than the patient himself is not aware of what medications he takes. And you should know, that there are medications that should not be drinking with hearty aspirin. AND be sure to tell your doctor, who appoints you this drug for all those preparations that are taking (even if the underlying condition has nothing to do with heart disease).

In the appointment of aspirin cardiac important to check with your doctor whether long-term use of aspirin combined with the medications that you can take both periodically and on a permanent (with pills on the pressure reduction sugar, etc.).

Which drugs are best not to drink aspirin

Here are a few examples where the parallel reception of some medicines can weaken its effect and be dangerous to health:

1. If aspirin while you are taking another anti-inflammatory drug, eg, ibuprofen, It acts as an antagonist of cardiac aspirin, displacing it from cells and stops its antithrombotic effect.

2. In a parallel reception together with aspirin other NSAIDs (Eg nimesulide, indomethacin, analgin) dramatically increases the likelihood of side effects, including stomach bleeding.

Therefore, if you have a need for reception of anesthetic drugs (e.g. in exacerbation of inflammation in joints, fever colds) then do not take aspirin heart during this period, along with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or give preference to the conventional paracetamol.

3. Absolutely can not take aspirin heart with other anticoagulant drugsThat are designed to thin out the blood. For example, heparin, warfarin and other drugs, reduce blood clotting (antiplatelet, anticoagulant).

4. When concomitantly with aspirin alcohol or drugs alcohol-based (The same korvalola, valokordin) repeatedly increases the negative impact on the gastric mucosa and the likelihood of developing internal bleeding.

Another very important thing - if you are taking aspirin on a regular basis, and you will have any (even the simplest) surgery, tooth extraction and other interventions, be sure to tell the doctor a few days before the procedure.

Of course all the cases it is impossible to predict - the same can descend suddenly appendicitis. But we are talking about the planned interventions - this is very important, as Aspirin increases the risk of postoperative bleeding.

Health, and be attentive to their health!

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