How to make a "cold" glazed loggias with their hands

Glaze a loggia in several ways. One of the easiest ways to budget and - glazing frames made of wood with a single glass. Optionally, to get rid of noise, which is reached from the street, loggia shield from dust, snow and rain will be excellent for this "Cold" glazed loggias. In addition, with this task you will be able to cope on their own, without having special skills.

you will need:

- a circular saw or jigsaw;

- board, thickness 40mm which is smooth;

- Screwdriver;

- elektrorubanok;

- hammer;

- glue;


Getting Started:

1. First, make measurements of the opening, which is planning to glaze. Further it is necessary to plot contours of the opening and break it up into separate sections. frame width should not exceed 70cm. Pre-select the section to be opened, as well as the section, which is intended to be firmly fixed to the frame.

2. The frame must be mounted and adjusted using the level and plumb.

3. Take the jigsaw or circular saw, Saw boards cut from these bars.

4. Is followed to make slats. The thickness of the strips should not be more than 12 mm. They just need to fluff PVC glue and fill the bars on frames. After that, gently treat them with the help of the planer.

5. Frames are collected in spike glue. Also required to fix the gusset scoring nog together with glue inside the hole.

6. Frames should match the size of the opening. In order to achieve greater rigidity and the corners need to attach to the corners of the frame with screws.

7. The frame is attached to the frame by means of screws with a diameter of 4 mm.

8. So-called movable or openable section are mounted on a stationary frame.

9. To prevent the formation of cracks, "flashings" should be put in place, which are joined flaps.

10. Each opening frame must be provided with a pair espagnolettes.

11. Before proceeding with the installation of the frame, zashpaklyuyte her treat sandpaper and cover with paint.

12. The fixed frame windows are installed using shpatika and small nails. Remember that you must leave a gap between the frame and the end of the glass. To seal the gap, use the window putty.

13. Purchase a special assembly foam and Seal all cracks. Polyurethane foam tends to expand immediately after application, thus, fills all voids and cracks tightly overlapped.

All completed, it remains to restore order. Thank you for watching! Enjoy your day, and if not difficult to put Like and do not forget to subscribe!

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