How do I get rid of high oil consumption in the engine once and for all!

Today tell about buying a used car that you need to carefully diagnose otherwise you can run into trouble with the car in the future.

It all began with the purchase of a vehicle on secondary market. Prior three-year, not a bit, I do not paint, good condition. Engine and gearbox work smoothly. It was decided to buy. Trains couple of weeks, and correcting minorshortcomings in, cars, decided to check the engine oil level.

Taking probe found that he completely dry! It can not be, I thought, and again dipped probe. Again dry. How can this be? When buying check all was well! In addition, I previously exploited Hyundai accent, so on it, I looked under the hood only for Gulf omyvayki all process fluids have always been at the hold level. And then such a bet from the domestic auto industry.


I went to the store, bought liter of oil and poured into the engine oil only when it was about the middle of the probe. After that became constantly check the oil and as it turned out, car guzzles oil pretty good!

Having read on the Internet tips about why, I decided to conduct an experiment.

  • I left the car running at idle, for five minutes, and then slammed the gas pedal to the floor. From the pipe poured blue smoke.
  • The second experiment similar to the first, but it is necessary to go to the hills on the transfer and at the bottom to push the gas, just poured blue smoke.
Blue smoke from the chimney is an indication that the oil penetrates into the cylinders, and there combusted.

The oil in the cylinder can enter in two ways:

  • of the cylinder head across valve stem seals, Due to their deterioration. They dubeyut and stop shooting the excess oil from the valve stem and the oil flows into the cylinder through the valve.
  • From block across scraper rings. These rings coked and cease to perform its function.
I. Pictures
I. Pictures

In my situation, it was two optionsor cAPITAL engine, or to continue add oil. And since the money had been strained and kapitalku had no money, he decided to pour oil until the money will be to repair. I tried certainly handle pistons raskoksovyvatelyami, but there was no effect.

So I fixed routes with a sauce of oil for some time. And then one day I jammed roller timingand broke the strap. Natural valve was bent and had to go to repair the engine. Just fix oil zhor.

An autopsy revealedI had gum zadubela valve stem seals they passed the oil in the cylinders. Yes, in addition and scraper rings zalegli and they too passed oil.

After kapitalki, cars stopped to eat butter at all. More single gram is not poured, the level remained in the same position.

Output for myself I can do one: buying b / a car you need to go to a certified service for inspection. If you can not go to a diagnostician can test for blue smoke.

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