How to cook a juicy chicken with mushrooms, that will appeal to both children and adults?

Today I want to share with you a recipe delicious, Gentle dish of succulent chicken, mushrooms, potatoes and cheeses. I am writing immediately after the preparation of this dish, so to say on first impressions. There are similar recipes and pork, but the advantage of this recipe is that it turns out the same way as the juicy pork, but it is much cheaper and less caloric. This recipe uses simple ingredients, and available and that nice, relatively expensive.

To prepare, we need:

  • thigh fillets chicken, boneless and skinless primerno- 1 kg;
  • Potatoes 5-7 pcs.
  • Champignon fresh - 300 -400 grams (To taste, and more);
  • cheese Poshehonsky else on choice- 150-200 grams;
  • Cream 10-20% fat, as you like - 200-250 ml.;
  • Bow -1 bulb;
  • Oil sunflower;
  • Salt, pepper, etc. taste;

cooking sequence:

  1. boil potatoes 6-8 minutes and rub on a coarse grater;
  2. Fry medium sliced ​​fillets trouble in the pan, until soft;
  3. Fry onion with mushrooms in a pan until half;
  4. Mix the mushrooms and onions and chicken, add the spices, salt and cream and mix it all and a little fry, use flour to thicken the mass, if necessary;
  5. We spread in a baking dish layers: first layer- chicken with mushrooms onions in cream, second layer - Potatoes (who loves fatter on top of potatoes can add mayonnaise) a third layer - grated cheese on a coarse grater;

We put in a preheated prior to 180-200 gr. the oven for 30 minutes.

The dish can be served with a side dish or without, as you like. In principle, a side dish here is already present, it is potatoes. It turns out very hearty and tasty we liked. I did not add the mayonnaise because it thought it would be too bold. Who likes ponazhoristee, feel free to add mayonnaise on top of potatoes.

All who read to the end, Enjoy your meal and Thanks for attention!

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