Working way to tighten the skin on the stomach: a methodology "3 suspenders"

Who would not say, but to tighten the skin on the abdomen and other parts of the body more than real.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

What should be done on a mandatory basis:

  • food

it is not a diet, as well as products and ratios of nutrients. Your body needs to get quality materials for cell structure, including skin cells. Want a quick recovery - Eat a proven product with no chemicals in the composition. The better your diet, the more beautiful skin is not only on the body but also the face. Mayonnaise, smoked sausage - very bad option for the construction of a beautiful body, even if you they are not fattening.

  • water

no less important point than the food.

None cream, even the most expensive and effective, will not work from the outside as well as inside the body can handle. And it is extremely important to understand and apply these two things: drink enough water and eat high quality. It is not only our appearance, but also health.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

Of course, all want the fastest possible results in skin tightening. Speed ​​it up, you can use a home procedure, which is called the "three-lift."

Such a procedure - a three-tier system of care for the lost tone of the skin, which quickly restores its elasticity, renewing, nourishing and smoothing it.

The first stage - hot scrub. Prepare it as follows (enough for several treatments):

in 100 ml of any body lotions, add 2 tablespoons ground coffee, 5 drops of essential oil of cinnamon. Mix.

If you use a scrub will need another 1 component that does not need to be added at once, but only when used. It - alum, which are sold in a pharmacy. Pre-need to grind them into a powder and take 1 to use half a teaspoon. The hand mixed with scrub and massage the problem area of ​​about 7-10 minutes.

Photo from a search engine
Photo from a search engine

Then - rinse scrub and a massage with honey. This is not the most pleasant procedure, but one of the most effective for skin tightening at home. Make it simple:

  • Apply honey on the skin;
  • We begin to press ladon.a then detach it from the skin, gradually move the arm across the surface of the problem area.

The intensity of the separation you need to determine for themselves their own massage is not particularly pleasant, but it must be so. If heavily hurt - he removes his hand smoothly.

massage time - 7-10 minutes.

The last stage of the procedure - the final massage with linseed oil. Doing it only needs a bottom-up, smoothing the skin. Hand movements should not be too weak (moderate pressure, not strokes). massage time - not less than 5 minutes.

The course of procedures - 15 times. Do they have to be 1 every 3 days (or 2 times per week).

Most often it is not necessary to do: you need time to recover.

If you have extra, see the stomach, the massage perfectly correct the problem areas.

After one year you will see a good positive result. For not too much saggy skin of one year will be enough and will only need to do maintenance procedure 1 every 10 days. If the result is not as good as we would like, repeat the course after 3 weeks of rest.

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