What is the block-house?

Development of finishing technology and material does not stand still, so I would like to highlight a new product called the block-house. What is the block-house? This timber treated wood, with a flat back and a convex face. The lower part of the rod has a recess for connection with the other of the convex part and the upper part has a comb.

Once the material is considered to be new, so it has some sort of unique qualities that enabled him to distinguish himself from other similar materials. The main thing is of course its ecological value. Also, block-house is very different aesthetic appearance, low price and ease of installation.

If you decide to use such material for which either the construction or repair, you must determine the type of a block house. By type block houses divided into extra and A, B, C varieties, which differ in quality and thickness of the outer side.

Good type block house has virtually no deviation in hue blocks so demand for interior finishing work at a thickness of no more than 2 centimeters. External finishing work conducted block house having a thickness of up to 4 centimeters and a width up to 20 centimeters.

External and internal use of finishing block house also affects the selection of the block material, since they can be made from various types of wood. Basically, manufacturing the block-house produced coniferous trees such as larch, fir or spruce. However, there are blocks that are made from hardwood, which is perfect for decorating with high humidity ie, in saunas or bathhouses.

Any mounting of the block-house implies a requirement for the processing of wood preservatives in order to increase the service life of the material.

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