Inexpensive capacious bag for small things in the trunk, an indispensable thing in any car!

Most motorists are stored in the trunk of the things that indispensable in a long journey or simply when driving in the city at short distance. In addition to the most basic things, such as the spare wheel, jack and the pump, with a need to take a first aid kit and warning triangle. List of needed items may be long and all need somewhere to place.

In the previous car to streamline storage necessary accessories, I used small boxes for vegetables and a special net hooks. The boxes have their advantages. They are all located in a confined space and do not scatter when moving around the trunk.

To consolidate the first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and the cable I used a special net with hooks.

In modern cars the special attachment in the form of straps with Velcro. I use it to secure the five-liter bottles of water or nezamerzayku. Just to put the fire extinguisher and warning triangle.

With old cars, I suffered two boxes, But the appearance of these boxes piled with all sorts of things, it looks like that is not good. I decided to buy ozone roomy bag with the logo of cars.

These bags are sold with logos and other brands of cars.

Good quality bag and the most important thingcapacious. Bought on ozone, for the price it costs in the neighborhood 250 rubles and it contains in itself all that was in the boxes. Now, in the trunk of my order and it looks good. There is also the fact that I do not keep in the bag, it sprays with wiper and chernitel rubber, as they may leak. And as a rag to wipe out artificial suede, as it is often used, and it is not convenient to constantly open the bag.

Also in the sale you can find a variety of things for organizers with the cells. you can put every little thing in a separate compartment, and they will not come into contact with each other in these cells.

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