And you know how to eliminate noise for free from the stove in the car?

When buying a used car in the secondary market, probably every car owner gets along with the car and its sores on which the old owner is not in a hurry to report. And maybe it's new car sore is anyone's guess.

I ran into this problem in the winter, when severe frosts, when the heater is turned on the fan, It began to appear strong howling from the stove. This fixes only on / off the fan heater. Closer to fly the howling tal constant blessing in the summer is not so often turn on the fan, but the winter or freezes, or listen to loud noise.

So I collected all the will in a fist and decided to open the fuser motor and see what there is abuzz. The first suspicion was that noise broken fan motor bearings.

The process of dismantling:

  1. Removing the plastic decorative casing under the right street cleaner, remove the air filter, passenger compartment;
  2. Unscrew the nuts and bolts fixing the heater;
  3. remove the casing heater from the vehicle;
  4. Remove and disassemble interior heater motor.

An autopsy showed the fan oven

That the bearings on the axes is not at all (which surprised me), and on the axes present a sleeve. And there was such a feeling that these bushings lubrication is not reported from the factory or it evaporates with time - sleeves were dry. Naturally the friction of metal on metal without lubrication, creates noise.

Found in the bins graphite grease MS 1000I bought for the lubrication of bearings on roller skates, and handled the problem areas of the lubricant. All cleaned from dust and dirt and assembled in the reverse order. At the same time changed the cabin filter.

The effect of the work done immediately became noticeable. Vanished strong howling stove and the first sensations fan became more productive. It is certainly possible to buy a new fan and problems do not know, but I decided to revive old and did not regret.

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