How to prevent its rupture

I want to touch on a very complex and quite a serious topic - rupture of an aortic aneurysm. This process is for the most part not only sudden, but also deadly. It is this complication is often the cause of sudden death (both in the young and in the elderly).

The main question that arises from this article - how to prevent aneurysm rupture? What factors need to act to prevent premature and totally unexpected death of people?

aneurysm rupture
aneurysm rupture

The most dangerous deceit is that the aneurysm rarely reveals itself to the development of complications. The majority of patients are not even aware that they have this "time bomb".

To understand the importance of the issue cite statistics:

Only in Russia every year from complications related to the rupture of an aneurysm, dies from 250 thousand to 450 thousand people.

Why there is an aneurysm?

To know how to live with this diagnosis and deal with complications, it is necessary to understand why an aneurysm formed and influence the "point of application"

1. Congenital aneurysm - of course, that the cause of the impact in this case is impossible.

2. Hypertensive heart disease is very often the cause aneurysm. And we can act on the root cause, controlling blood pressure and preventing its jumps.

3. CHD - coronary heart disease, and atherosclerotic vascular disease also takes a leading cause of aneurysm formation. And here properly chosen therapy can serve as a preventive factor.

When an aneurysm rupture?

When a vascular aneurysm wall bulges, becomes like a pouch with blood. Thus its wall, stretching, thinning. And any load can cause it to break at some point.

That is, it can be physical stress, stress, pressure surge.

aortic rupture leads to almost instant death - literally a few seconds is enough to stop the activity.

If you have an aneurysm (yes, even if not, these recommendations will be useful to all those who are at risk Hone), it is important to rule out pressure surges. It is necessary to prevent the factors that increase the load on the blood vessels - is stress, physical exhaustion.

If you put the diagnosis of an aneurysm, the question of surgical intervention is decided strictly individually. This does not mean that each aneurysm requires surgery.

Stable and not increasing in size vascular "bags" do not require immediate surgery. But they will need regular monitoring - and that regular echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, if necessary angiography (X-ray contrast studies), and computed tomography MR.

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