How to cook a delicious julienne mushrooms in just 40 minutes!

Today I would like to share a proven recipe for cooking Julienne with chicken and mushrooms. Julien may be supplied as a separate dish, or as a snack, it all depends on the size of portions. Julienne, there are many recipes, each prepares, as they say the taste. For the preparation of many dishes using chicken breast, but I prefer to take a drumstick or thigh, after separating from the bone.

To prepare three servings I need the following ingredients:

  • Three chicken legs, large;
  • Champignon. Frozen or fresh. Alternatively, you can use the oyster mushrooms fungi;
  • Cheese Poshehonsky else on your taste;
  • The cream I used 10%, but you can take and fatter not be worse;
  • Salt, pepper, sunflower oil.

The sequence of preparation is as follows:

  • First thing must be put to cook chicken legs;
  • And as long as they are cooked, cut into mushrooms and fry with sunflower oil in a skillet until tender. You can also fry mushrooms and onions, but it is as you like;
  • When chicken legs cooked chicken should be separated from the skin and bones, and then cut into medium-sized pieces of chicken.
  • Further add to the pan with the fried mushrooms and chicken. We put on the fire and stir. To add cream. Salt, pepper and add the other spices to taste. And we mix well and simmer a few minutes.
  • After that, decompose all of the batch container. In my case, I used the special forms for baking. Sprinkle with grated cheese in advance.
  • Next, you need to put the dishes in oven, Preheated to 180- 200 degrees Celsius. You need to keep up until the cheese is melted and then have to be removed, which would not burnt cheese.

Julien is ready! As a serving can be used a sprig of parsley. 🔥Eat need to carefully, as hot dishes even after the oven. The dish turns out very hearty and tasty.

 By the time, the preparation takes about 40 minutes.

Everyone who read to the end, enjoy your meal and Thanks for attention!

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