Neat silicone seam between the sink and tiles.

Hung washbasin in the bathroom and when docking to the wall formed by the slit, which is sure to be filled with water. To prevent the flowing water is necessary to make a silicone joint.

As I used the sealant silicone groutCeresit CS 25, 280 ml of the same color with seams in the tiled stove. In the line of silicone grout, there is a large palette of colors, virtually any color you can choose.

The place where the seam, I degrease gasoline. Next taped masking tape, a place where there should not be hermetic.

For the formation of a smooth silicone seam I used special rubber spatula with different sizes and shapes of sutures.

Next we put silicone and distributed over the entire surface. Sealant is then moistened with water and remove excess silicone special spatula.

In the end, unstick molar tape, and you're done. The result was a neat seam between the sink and tiles. If there is no special spatula seam can be formed by a finger.

Such a seam will last a very long time, if it is correct to do everything. It is also necessary to give the sealant to dry completely before pouring water on it.

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