Whether it is possible to transfer this disease "on their feet"

Can I quietly to himself transferred myocardial infarction? It would seem a strange question - because this acute disaster in the cardiovascular system is life-threatening. How could she herself did not show?

It turns out, it may well be. Several times I saw perplexity patients, when asked when reading an ECG or echocardiography conduct: "When you have had a heart attack?" they confidently answered that they did not have this disease.

In fact, myocardial infarction may well happen completely unnoticed. This so-called "dumb" form. Most often it is seen in diabetics due to lower overall pain sensitivity.

But this does not mean that the consequences have silent heart attack is not. Firstly, once transferred "on foot" myocardial infarction creates an increased risk of recurrent, more extensive necrosis of the heart muscle. After a silent form is never extensive, it is often small focal.

Second, local changes of heart tissue as a result, though asymptomatic, but still had a heart attack, lead to loss of performance of this site. The scar that forms after a heart attack, does not participate in the work of the heart, reducing its contractility. Especially good is a violation of the tracked on echocardiography.

Therefore, it is important to undergo an annual examination, particularly in the aged. ECG or echocardiography should be regularly carried out, especially if you suffer from hypertension, coronary heart disease or diabetes - these diseases are risk factors for the occurrence of heart attack infarction.

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