How to disassemble the punch with their own hands

If you have a sudden malfunction of the gun and you are competent enough to repair it yourself, you'll need a quick tutorial on the disassembly. Of course, the model and features of dismantling may be different, but there are a few universal items that tell you how to disassemble the puncher:

Dismantled punch, starting from the upper node. To do this, you need to shoot all in the order of a screwdriver to pry the rubber tip, then remove the lock washer and spring. Remove the ball.

Unscrew the screws that secure the gearbox housing. If the handle has a cover plate, remove it and remove the wires from the stator. Remove the brush holders.

It is necessary to separate the punch body and the gearbox will be a gap of 3-5 cm in order to release the switch between the two. Remove the switch by moving it to the position of a blow with drilling.

Disconnect the chassis and gearbox.

After all this, it is best to put the body in a vertical position (eg, hamstring). And in turn analyze each detail of the interior in order. Be careful, every detail is composed of many small ones. If you punch in a dusty and dirty, it is better to be dried before disassembling each block. So it will be easier to see the component parts and small washers.

It should be added that there are several main reasons for tool breakage. The perforator can become clogged with dust, to solve this problem it is enough to disassemble and lubricate all the key components. Do not forget that for individual parts need different lubricant. Another cause is the wear of the brushes, independently of their easy to replace. Also carefully check the integrity of the wires, so when using or storing the tool compound in the veins can be broken.

Gently fold the parts in the correct sequence. For hedging can sign every detail marker or spread out on certain sheets of paper.

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