Why is the "crunch" your fingers? The joints of the fingers at risk

Each one of us heard the crackle fingers. If you are not your own - something familiar. Schoolchildren even have a fun - to pull the finger, so he snapped. So what does a crunch in the joints of the fingers? This is a harmless phenomenon or a sign of incipient disease?

Why crackle fingers?
Why crackle fingers?

At a young age in most cases, crunching the fingers comes from the fact that in the joints burst bubbles. Nothing wrong with that - it's physiology. But if you're over 40, then to crunch fingers worth considering.

The two main causes of a crunch, pain, and inflammation in the fingers after 40 years - this is arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis most often affects women, but the arthritis does not discriminate between the sexes. The cause of these diseases is becoming a set of processes:

  • hard work hands;
  • constant subcooling;
  • metabolic disease;
  • disorders of the immune processes;
  • hormonal changes (in women in menopause);
  • infection that gets into the body;
  • joint injury;
  • degenerative changes in joint tissues, etc.

If your fingers are not just occasionally crackle and constantly sore and inflamed joints - be sure to contact a doctor, a rheumatologist! On the treatment of the joints of the fingers can be found here: https://zapitanie.ru/cto-delat-esli-bolit-sustav-paltsa-ruki

Gymnastics for fingers, which will save from osteoarthritis (the exercises recommended by your doctor)here

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