We go wrong! Nordic walking equipment from its creator Mauri Repo

In recent years, Nordic walking has become incredibly popular. The secret appeal of the sport - accessibility. Engage in Nordic walking can people of any age, in town and country, in virtually any weather. But while many people forget about the technology. But if you go wrong, the sport will do more harm than good.

Go right!
Go right!

Nordic walking technique has been officially patented until 1997 by Mark Finn Kantaneva. But its creator is considered a famous ski coach Maury Repo, who described walking with sticks in 1978. Based on extensive observation of the athletes, Repo developed the technique of walking as much as possible useful for the whole organism.

Nordic walking technique by Mauri Repo

1. Step - the main thing in Nordic walking. It needs to be trained from the very beginning. Starting with the right foot, the withdrawal of his left hand. Starting with the left foot - puts forth his right hand.

Error when doing Nordic walking
Error when doing Nordic walking

2. On sticks should be locks, which are worn on the wrist. Taking his hand back - the expandable wrist almost to the end. Bringing forward - bow stick firmly.

3. Hand with a stick, which is in front, raised up by approximately 45 degrees. Laid back, keep your hand at hip level.

4. Step "from heel to toe!" The movement begins with the heel, the body weight is transferred smoothly to toe, moving the case forward.

These are the basic rules of Nordic walking, which will help improve the body.

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