How to update the Russian oven in the house with his own hands

If you bought a country house remained Russian furnace, repair it according to every man. Only need to know how. This is not about the implementation of the masonry oven. The most unusual, at first glance to lay down a Russian stove - nothing special. As in any nontrivial fact, here it requires special knowledge and skills. Instead, perform minor repairs - properly seal the gap formed - everyone can.

To determine the location requiring repair, Russian stove need to heat. It should be done gently, filling the wood furnace for about a third of its size. masonry places where smoke is observed, it should be noted marker. Then you need a spatula to clean the area around the cracks. As well as clean in all places all loose whitewash and clay dye.

Slots need to moisturize, splashing their manual garden sprayer for plants. And putty solution of clay and sand. Ten parts of clay taken one of the sifted sand. It is also necessary to put a clay solution to those places where the clay crumble. After one day, the furnace is necessary to heat again. Just avoid significant load - about a third of its "power." If through the gap all the smoke breaks, the operation must be repeated more carefully.

After the clay works of Russian oven can be painted with latex paint. Paint in two or three layers. Each layer should both be dry - approximately 12 hours.

Helpful Hint: - You can also look at the special paint for radiators. Modern paints can withstand considerable heating, do not emit harmful substances and are long.

All those who do not like fireplaces, surely interest stoves. Because, in addition to space heating, furnace Bayern continuously retain heat. As true ovens for home. And allow to cook like real oven with hob.

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