Do you know what is more profitable to use, tablets or powder for the dishwasher?

Before you buy a new dishwasher in the kitchen we have long doubted whether we need it? It seems to be used as it is treated. Wash dishes by hand like it is not difficult, why buy an expensive device? Especially since it's necessary to purchase additional consumables in the form of salt, detergent and rinse aid. Yet having estimated how much free time will be shown daily at refusal of manual washing, we decided to buy this miracle machine.

For dishwashers, there are three basic consumable:

  • Special salt PM;
  • rinse;
  • Detergent.

Salt and rinse aid are not expensive, and the consumption of them is very low. I here for example buy the consumables, in a online store for stocks, it comes out very good economy with respect to purchases in supermarkets.

But with the detergent is not so simple. On sale there are three types of these funds in the form of powder, tablets and gel. The gel is often very expensive, and so I did not use it. But the powders and tablets more economical option. Having tried a variety of options for tablets and powder rm, I can say that I have decided that it is better and more profitable for me.

Everyone has heard tablets for dishwashers I initially bought it them. They have both pluses and minuses.


  • Copes with pollution;
  • Are easy to use;
  • May contain salt and rinse aid.


  • Often the more expensive powder;
  • There is no possibility to dose means;

Popolzovavshis, some time tablet form, Decided to buy a tool to experiment in the form of powder. A very big plus was the ability to dose the amount of powder that is convenient for low loading machines. So it turned out that in terms of the number of washes, use the powder is much cheaper.

Following are the calculations that are derived specifically in my case:

  • Tablets for PM are in the range of 6 (on shares) to 30 rubles approximately. Take an inexpensive option for the average of 10 rubles to the sink. If you wash the dishes once a day for a month will be released on 300 rubles for tablets PM.
  • Powder for PM It costs approximately between 80 rubles (shares) to 350 rubles per 1 kg. If we take into account an inexpensive means for 120 rubles per kilo, it turns on a sink requires approximately 30g of powder. It turns out 3.6 rubles per wash. In the month goes about 110 rubles.
The difference in average values ​​of low-cost tablets and powder almost 3 times. Powder in theory use the more profitable, and again if you want to wash a few plates and cups can be filled 10 grams of powder, but the tablet will not work so dosed!

Specifically, in my case, I usually buy a good powder on the shares for 177 rubles per 2 kg. It turns 88.5 p. per kg. For an average car wash I need 30 grams of powder, which is equal to - 2.65 p. In my case, coming out in a month 80 rubles.

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