The symptoms of magnesium deficiency in the female body

A woman is experiencing tremendous stress - family care workers squabbles, constant stress, which is often joined by different diets in pursuit of a beautiful figure.

All this leads to the fact that the body is formed of the weaker sex resistant magnesium deficiency - trace element, is directly involved in important biochemical processes.

Most often, magnesium deficiency is nutritional reasons - that is, its lack of features associated with power supply (use reduced the number of products containing this microcell), abuse coffee, caffeine, alcohol drinks.

magnesium shortage provoke stress, lack of physical activity, smoking. This symptom can occur during hormonal changes the body women - during pregnancy and at menopause.

In some cases, the deficit mania develops due to severe somatic diseases - diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure.

Leading symptoms of magnesium deficiency, which are more common in women:

1. Menstrual disorders.

2. Indigestion. When magnesium deficiency often develop chronic constipation due to lower intestinal muscle work.

3. Autonomic dysfunction in women is most often manifested in the form of headache, dizziness, weakness, sweating, feeling short of breath, even with light disturbances, feeling of a lump in the throat. These same symptoms may occur against the background of changes of weather conditions.

4. Violation of the chair, which manifests itself in chronic constipation, which may alternate with diarrhea causeless.

5. For magnesium deficiency characterized by involuntary muscle twitching. This can be a nervous tic, eye twitching, limb spasms, as well as a symptom of restless legs. May feel numbness, tingling and pins and needles in the hands and feet.

6. The appearance of failure of the heart, heart palpitations.

7. In women, lack of magnesium is often accompanied by a deterioration in the appearance - hair becomes brittle and dull, fall heavily. Nails exfoliate and often break down. Changes and skin condition - there is dryness, flaking, lose turgor and elasticity. In this case, all cosmetic products and treatments are only temporary and do not resolve to fully create a problem.

Magnesium enters the body with food, so to solve this problem it is necessary to reconsider the power and include in the diet as much as possible products containing this trace element:

It is important to clarify that under stress and chronic diseases magnesium permitted in larger quantities than enters the body. so in some cases advisable medication that contain this trace element.

In any case, the above-mentioned symptoms should be cause for inspection. After all, they are found not only in the lack of magnesium, but also may indicate a serious illness that requires full treatment.

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