Does it make sense to handle special sealant joints laminate?

Making repairs at their new apartment in a new building as a floor covering, after much deliberation, I chose laminate. One would not bother, and to lay linoleum because it is quick and practical, but for me this option is not very handsome and looks rustic. A laminate as that noble look, Pleasant to the touch and good mimics natural parquet, the price of which many can not afford.

To lay laminate flooring in the apartment, I decided one canvas without using wacky thresholds.Since the installation will take place, including in the kitchen and hallwayIt was necessary to take care of sealing the protective structure of the laminate joints. I think this is a necessary procedure, as in the hallway there is a risk of water getting wet shoes in the offseason. And the kitchen is a risk of spilling the water, such as a sink or stove.

Buying a laminate, the seller told me to buy special sealant to joints. The written instructions that the composition prevents ingress of moisture into the gap between the strips of the laminate.

But believe in the words of the manufacturer and the seller did not want me, I decided to test the effectiveness of the formulation experimentally.

The experiment was as follows:

  • The first thing I have selected a few scraps laminate laid in the hall, got six pieces;
  • Next I connected the two cropping and joint processed between them sealant;
  • A second pair of scraps I also handled the sealant;
  • The third pair I did not handle composition;
  • After that, I poured a puddle of water for unprocessed samples and freshly processed;
  • Another processed I left for a day to infuse and then also poured on the joint pools of water.
The experiment showed that in the untreated samples bars vspuchilis edge. The treated sample and present virtually no changes identified, if only barely noticeable swelling, which eliminated during drying. Samples that were not processed returned their properties only partially burrs remained quite noticeable.

After this experiment, I boldly applied the sealant when laying laminate flooring in the hallway and kitchen, in other areas this composition, I did not use. The only disadvantage of this sealant, it is an unpleasant odor during installation, and a few days after. But you can be sure that at the slightest leak laminate remains unscathed. And responding to the question of publication title, relying solely on their own experience, I can safely say that the use of a special sealant for laminate sufficiently effective measure.

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