"I feel 35". Secrets of Health of the retired colonel

A retired colonel, Valery Bobrov, healthy and active as 35 in his 70 years. What is its secret?

VP Bobrov
VP Bobrov

"I am well aware that my body right now is not the same as in his youth. To be healthy and vigorous at 70 years is not enough just to live a healthy lifestyle. Needed additional conditions. About them I will now tell you.

  • To be healthy, move more. I move constantly. Summer - every morning in the fresh air charge. Winter - walking through the woods. Fresh air and exercise the body cells of oxygen supply, helping them to be updated.
  • I have excluded from the diet, smoking and fatty food. Allow ourselves a little on holidays, but our main my wife and diet - fresh and cooked vegetables and fruits, sometimes - the fish. And we salt the food quite a bit. Vitamins and amino acids into useful products slow down the aging process.
  • In autumn and spring (on the advice of the attending physician) is required to drink a course of medication with collagen hydrolyzate. I drink - the last month, my wife - three or sachet per day. collagen hydrolyzate restores the connective tissue that age loses moisture, becomes loose. A connective tissue - is not only the skin but also the joints, ligaments, internal organs.
  • Rejection of bad habits. All my life I did not smoke, so did not have to give up cigarettes. But 2-3 piles every night missed. Refused to alcohol - immediately improve sleep and went the extra kg.
  • Stimulation of cardiac activity. In addition to physical training and walking stimulates the heart foods. Very useful nuts, buckwheat, oatmeal. dried fruits. For breakfast every day, I try to eat steamed cereal with honey, nuts and dried fruits. It is quite inexpensive, because the nuts should be slightly 5-7 nucleoli.

I feel young and healthy, and what you want! "

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