The man broke the entire bathroom and make a huge shower. Photos Before / After.

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The old man decided to conceptually bathroom to change everything. Because if installing a simple bathroom, the place is not much and in general it was not convenient to take a shower, and the bathroom is not a man accustomed to lie.

So it was decided to change everything and put in place a simple bathroom large shower.

Look at the proposals among the purchased anything man does not like it or the price tag was unrealistically high, so it was decided to build a fixed shower.

To do this, from the heater was raised floor level, just put all the pipes for sewers and drains of the future, according to the new lay a pipeline for shower mixer.

After that, it was necessary to make a coupler and hide the pipe in concrete. Gently box was made and further stacked steel mesh to reinforce the plate.

Waiting until the solution has dried, the man started from pazogrebennyh blocks do future bench.

The decision to use it pazogrebenny unit is very curious, given that the basis of this material is gypsum, stand if the material such a moist environment?

Next, gently began to lay tile, mosaic stoned bench, made from seal pan and plain tiles laid out the walls.

As a result of the mixer has been installed, the glass doors, on the podium put the washing machine.

Not to say of course that after such update locations in the bathroom was bigger, but shower is clearly now free and spacious.

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