Do you know why we have abandoned the use of conventional nightlight into a socket in favor of portable silicone?

Probably everyone faced with a situation where after the birth there is a need to purchase this indispensable thing as a night light. Our family is no exception. We were presented with the familiar battered conventional nightlight into a wall outlet, but try it in fact found that it is very inconvenient to use. Firstly near the crib should be socket, and we have it was in the wrong place and a night light illuminated the right place is bad enough. Extension to use as it is not desirable, and it is not safe, you can trip over the wire at night.

And looking in shop with children's things, the consultant advised us to an alternative embodiment of a conventional bedside lamp into the socket.

It was a wireless USB LED nightlight in the shape of a cat. There was also similar in the form of bears, but with three penlight batteries. With its own battery seemed to me more convenient and it decided to buy only a cat.

During operation, I found a number of advantages over conventional:

  • The ability to move, as there is no binding to the outlet;
  • Soft safe for housing children;
  • There is no danger of electric shock;
  • It turns on a light touch;
  • On a long enough battery;
  • Charging only 3 hours.

We fully appreciate the benefits of the nightlight. It is convenient to place anywhere as needed. He shines brightly enough but, in turn, does not hit in the eyes sleepily.

Just the night light has three modes:

  1. The usual warm white;
  2. Shimmers in different colors of the rainbow;
  3. Captures any of the selected colors.

In general, we are satisfied with the purchase and would not have returned to the use of conventional nightlight into a power outlet.

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