Time management for slobs. Who are the irrationals?

- Do you have plans for 5, 10 years? Who do you see yourself in this time?
- Go nafig with its planning. It is to me the joy of life spoils.

This text is dedicated to slobs. Those whose lives are constantly changing. For those who can not run monotone and incrementally. Those with permanent all hands on deck - in the head, the rest of the world.

To create the methodology and research has resulted in a banal thing: there is a lot to do and little time. They were tried classical techniques of time management, but the result is the same: a lot of energy is invested in just the techniques themselves, and, after a period (a few weeks or a few months) - when the weakened motivation, or just let it go - all of these technologies is required to fly to the hell. But the plan still somehow it is necessary, not only myself.

Many years ago, a serious and consistent boys agreed to consider yourself the ideal and vital measure. And unlike all - considered painful and malicious deviation from this excellent standards. Stereotypes and traditional views about education clearly indicate that every child needs to develop the order, preferably in an extreme degree. A fickle mood and deed - the result of irresponsible attitude to the duties of teachers and parents.

Here is a list of the most common stereotypes:

Responsibly declare: slovens not to blame for his carelessness! And their parents are not to blame! It is not treated, it is not corrected!

Carelessness - a derogatory name deep innate properties of the psyche - irrationality. The innate tendency to stability or variability - the most significant of all the innate properties of the human. For the first time this feature has described one famous Carl Jung in his cult book "Psychological Types".

Up to this point, we come across a technique for time management is only the traditional type. The essence of which is to teach a person to be rational. This traditional approach comprises deep error.

Error The bottom line is that the rationality of these tips and revelations are not needed. They and so they intuitively feel and act in accordance with these recommendations before reading. And irrational almost all of these tips are harmful. For practically feasible, or when you try to follow them, they have a very negative impact on the business.

I do not think I need to specifically give examples of rational and irrational. I am sure that in the life of the reader as fully as bright slackers and steadily pedantic rational. I turn to the question of the theory.


Jung first allocated rationality / irrationality as an independent property of the psyche and described inherent in these types of signs and features. But even before Jung we can find traces of this property in the temperaments of Hippocrates. Choleric and melancholic - irrationals, sanguine and phlegmatic - rational.

Socionic authors identified several basic manifestations of rationality / irrationality:

1. mood changes
2. switching speed
3. operability
4. The reaction to the rare and frequent events
5. size thoughts

RATIONAL have fairly stable mood. It does not change quickly and, as a rule, under the influence of external factors. We irrational - the opposite picture. Mood changes suddenly and dramatically. And so that advance our plans are completely irrelevant and it is difficult doable. In fact, the irrationals have two states: a flurry of activity and snuloy fish.

Irrational quickly switch from one case to another. Can work all the time in the constant switching. Rational need to concentrate on the new lesson. Smoothly enter into the process. Desirably, the pre-schedule it. Sometimes this process takes many minutes, sometimes - hours and sometimes several days.

I have a master finishing. Talks about the easiest thing occur in at least three stages. The first meeting is never ending agreements. Here we can only indicate the need. At the second meeting takes place the first confirmation of the results. It was only the third - the coordination of parts and making the decision to start work. This, of course, an extreme case, but it is in the tradition of rational.

The efficiency of rational very smooth and long. They slowly, accelerated and then work long hours with little or no interruptions and reduce intensity.

Irrational light up very quickly, allocate a sea of ​​energy, and quickly get tired and lose interest. If RAZIONAL active period usually lasts for weeks with intermittent sleep and output, then it irrationals such a period is rarely more than an hour - another.

A researcher from Vilnius Kalinauskas suggested hypothesis that the irrationals react to single events, but rationals - only on repeated often enough. I think this idea has a right to exist. Although I have not found unequivocal evidence.

According Kalinauskas, a single event attracts the attention of irrationals and a high probability of leading to action. RATIONAL also be long enough not to betray the values ​​of individual signals and only their regular appearance is accepted as sufficient for decision-making is a fact.

The latter feature displays - short unrelated thoughts, irrational statements and related long design rational.
This distinction is very annoying conversation. Irrational Rational lose your train of thought. Rational as trying to find a connection between separate independent irrational statements.


Case irrational and rational are subject to various risks. Risks associated rational, for the most part to the unwillingness of the reactions to sudden and rapid changes in the situation severe. But the details we will not stop them, because in this text - the other characters.

1. Based on the rare events
The choice of objectives and planning, based on rare events, must take into account the high probability that the conditions for the implementation of planned may not develop to the deadline date. Or maybe not at all. In fact, the irrationals is always in a state of the venture capitalist, whose ideas are triggered once 20.

2. the risks of improvisation
Irrational often rely on improvisation. It at them - a strong place. However, any improvisation is fraught with a high probability of individual errors and total failure.

3. Rapid assessment of risks
At the evaluation of the rapid developments have not only a low incidence of the problem, but also a negative psychological side. Psychologically irrationals tend to overestimate the importance of the event. It is very likely that in a few days would be a more modest assessment.

4. risks rescheduling
Persistent irrational rescheduling make a fairly large probability of administration errors. In slozhnosoglasovannom project with a large number of cooperating parties, the constant postponement of events and checkpoints provoke the appearance of improper agreements and the subsequent disruption of work.

Strengths and weaknesses of the irrational as the workers

Prevailing stereotypes about the correct uniform and plan of work prevent objectively evaluate irrationals as an employee.

Rational employers are seeing the first signs of sloppiness, put the stamp of "Fail", and start thinking about looking for a new employee, irrational and employers on this subject They reflect, because it avoided stepping on his own sore spot irrationality.

It took me 15 years of meditation on the RTS index to irrational injury has resolved. After that I was able to see the true face of irrationals as an employee. That's what I did:

problems irrational

1. Not in the mood to work.
Rather, it is that is is not. Need is a mood or fish, or create.

2. It is difficult to finish the job.
During the initial irrational entuzazizm and a quick start to pay torment at the end of the project.

3. Aversion to long rationally structured exercises such as training and routine work.
Yes, this irrationals do not like. If you want to punish or irrationals promanipulirovat them - safely requires the observance of discipline.

4. The problem with the implementation of large projects and endless.
Most often lengthy projects contain many rational elements, which is not just irrational. From irrationals require extensive experience in irrational ways of solving such problems.

5. Suddenly ending attention.
Here the main feature is that it is impossible to revive a long time. Not before lunch or Tuesday.

6. The initial overestimation of the importance and the subsequent disappointment.
Irrationals first wish - to join in the situation. Very often irrationals and arrive. The next day, everything is seen in a different light and begins tedious process of rolling back.

7. The complexity in the implementation of large projects and businesses.
Basically, due to ignorance of its nature and attempts to apply classical rational approaches. With the normal planning everything works perfectly.

pros irrational

1. strong improvisation
I do not know why, at the irrational make excellent improvisation. Whether from the fact that the brain explodes with new ideas and associations on each new fact. Whether what irrationals constantly get in a situation where the changed mood makes urgently come up with a new plan. And it is - the result of the training functions of the brain responsible for improvisation. Or maybe, and on, and on the other with ...

2. The ability to deal with a lot of things at once.
Irrational at all for this strain is not necessary. Brains themselves all the time switch and control smeared. In principle, the ability to rapidly switch can be taken as a separate item.

3. The ability to switch quickly and adapt.
Sometimes it is very important to react quickly, it may irrationals.

4. Ingenuity.
The invention process is psyche property exceed the standard and stereotyped routes. Irrational to this several times more likely than rational.

5. A lot of energy in a short time.
When irrationals work, they do it very quickly. When active, their intensity is very high. Sorry, not for long.

There is one peculiarity: since processes run parallel in the irrational, they often have periods of "calm" when on the irrationals can not see any results. Then it all gives way to a sharp shot of several to complete the process in a short time.

Proper time management

Now, when we are more or less considered a theory, we can move on to the practical time planning issues, goals and efforts for the irrational. Let's start with a list of the classic mistakes that irrationals in trying to plan and execute the business, ignoring his innate nature.

Revision tips traditional time management

Irrational time management is quite different from the traditional over the set of recommendations related to the tactics of planning. But in setting goals, both methods are the same - it is useful to identify the main and concentrate on it.
For clarity, we have reduced to a small plate: the traditional councils and irrational comments.

Irrational lifestyle

Irrational concept of time management and lifestyle consists of the following basic theses:

  • Respect their irrationality and not try to be rational
  • It marks the most important and meaningful goals
  • Carefully planned in an irrational manner (or, at least, do not plan rigidly)
  • Watch the mood and time to change classes
  • Do unpleasant in phase apathy
  • Submitted to outsource all management
  • The rational, that we have to do by yourself, do it carefully. Respect the feelings and rational partners plans

Irrational techniques of time management

1. All burn and create numerous handy reminders.
Quick switch and frequent rescheduling leads to regular losses of a number of data. And because there is no rigid structure plans, lost can not always calculate the logic of time. Fortunately, now there are many tools that integrate reminders on your computer, phone and Internet in single napominalnuyu Wednesday.

2. Capture ideas and plans.
especially important to capture ideas. They are many and they are forgotten. And, at the same time, the ideas - market advantage and an important asset irrationals.

3. Make a list of things that will never enjoy.
This list allows you to realize the danger zone and to show it due attention.

4. Unpleasant things to do when not in the mood.
Pleasant things are going well, when there is a mood. But bad mood never rises, and then falls rapidly. If you really unpleasant things you can not throw anyone, the most practical way to do them - when not in the mood.

5. Watch out for mood swings.
It is very important. mood changes and loss of interest should be monitored. And once that happens, you need to change occupation. Otherwise, everything will be done after the loss of interest, it will be done poorly. Have to redo and time will be spent in vain.

6. Flexible schedule.
Flexible schedule - is not only a rejection of rigid planning. It is also a lot of work to build a lifestyle that would allow such a timetable to implement. It is necessary to build a format of interaction with the rational among partners, to find an infrastructure suitable for an irrational way of life.

7. A flexible to-do list.
Since irrationals always outperform the plans, it is important to be able to reschedule at this time to optimize the filling of the associated business. And in this case must fall within the list of already pre-prepared. Trained so that they can be implemented at any convenient time.

8. Frequent adjustments to plans.
Since irrationals are constantly taking new decisions, throw some things and cling to others, written plans quickly become obsolete. By the end of the week a piece of paper with the plan for a couple of years into the future is almost entirely meaningless. It is important to find time every day to find a reflection of today's news in a long plans.

9. List of ultimate goals.
If Rational list of the ultimate goals the natural way is the basis for today's to-do list, then irrationals ultimate goals often live their own lives. It is important that these objectives are not forgotten in the bustle and at the next rescheduling retained their influence on the current plan.

10. Put not only life, but also reminiscent of many terms.
Running Long Affairs in irrational occurs in many approaches. At each successful iteration can be somewhat unsuccessful. When not in the mood, and did not get. It is important that there is a sufficient number of successful attempts.

11. Minimize hard time reference.
Of all the options to be selected are those which will give maximum freedom of maneuver at the time of planning.

12. A separate list of cases that do not always like them.
It is important to separate those things that have to wait for the mood of those with mood and did not appear. To have different rules. Pleasant - mood. Unpleasant - at any time, when not in the mood.

13. Planning long affairs and projects based on the peaks and dips of efficiency.
Productive evaluation of time allocated to the project and correct installation of the deadline, you must have an idea of ​​the duration of peak performance, apathy and peak performance in the active phase. To do this, you can measure the duration of the phases and collect statistics on actual time spent on different projects. For irrational it is not so easy as for rational, which is sufficient to sum expended hours.

14. Enhance memorization. "Think over my arm."
Some forgetfulness may well be offset by any standard ways to improve memorization. Constant recording pen on paper - one of the easiest ways.

15. Paint scheme to improve memorization.
Visualization by means of schemes - also a good way to strengthen the quality of memorization. It is also a good way to quickly change the information. Mindmaps and their ilk.

16. Clearly prescribe the stages and connectivity in large projects.
Problems with the planning and implementation of large projects can be partly solved by better planning. It is important to remember that it must be irrational planning.

17. Use inspiring finale for the most complete and high-quality completion of the case.
The prospect to finish the job and leave the project causes a surge of energy and emotion. This positive energy can be spent on something to come up with and implement a beautiful completion of the project.

18. Take a break after the first peak of enthusiasm for a more sober assessment of the case before making decisions.
This is a very simple way of taking difficult decisions, even in fairy tales described. So it is a sin not to take advantage. In general, the authors plan to test other people's wisdom in using modern approaches to scientific experiments. This season, we plan to test the adage about high labor costs when fishing. Blind study participants will be divided into groups of blind organizers, and to evaluate the results is planned to involve experts with limited eyesight. Join the group can be in the club's application.

19. Prepare for the game in the rational field.
It is very useful to determine in advance and business partners, which will have to adapt to rational forms of behavior. Forewarned is forearmed!

Tips rational

Hopefully, reading this text rationals have learned in these descriptions of some friends and their behavior became a little more clear.
I would venture to give you some practical advice on interaction with the irrational.

1. Yes, they are born and they do not alter.
2. Try to treat with understanding the shortcomings irrational.
3. Especially to the lateness and Change of plans ...
4. Give them the opportunity to work at their strange schedule.
5. Try to reduce the number of hard time events involving irrational.
6. Delegate them irrational deeds and activities. Let them be your hands in an irrational world.

mood planning

If you own and know how to sotsionikoy typed, then you have available technologies to incorporate irrational. For each type has a unique key, which allows a very high probability translate irrationals from passive to active.

Here is a list of keys:

A source

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