You know how of disposable pepper mill to make reusable?

In the preparation of various dishes in the kitchen, I prefer to use freshly ground black pepper. For these purposes, I used to use store bought disposable pepper mill, which are sold in any grocery store. I'm probably like many of you are often confronted with the fact that the peppers in a mill ends at the most appropriate time is not.

Go to the store it is too lateEspecially when the cooking is delayed until night. And it is not always convenient to run to the store in the middle of the cooking process. I for such cases in store stocks bags with the usual black pepper peas. But how to fill in the seemingly disposable and molded body?

I have for youdva way how this can be done without using a lot of effort.

The first method:

Its principle is based on the softening of the plastic top of the mill. Such mill, mainly consists of two main parts: a glass bulb and the upper active part of plastic, through which there is directly grinding pepper.

  • You must place the plastic part in boiling water for a few seconds.
  • Then take the usual rag, Wrap the plastic part and try to shoot. You can use the break method.
  • The cover can be easily removed and then can be filled peppers and back cover, simply by snapping it.
Over time, you can remove the cover without the use of heat, just to take a break and apply a little physical effort.

The second way:

It can be filled pepper, without opening the upper part of the mill. Such a method is more complicated, but a real one.

  • It is necessary to take the bit of glass or tiles and drill hole in the glass portion of the mill, such a side;
  • Thoroughly wash mill residues from the glass and through this hole to fall asleep pepper;
  • Once filledYou can seal the hole with tape.
This method seems crazy, but it is real. I once did. This is a very dreary as drill constantly slipping and uncomfortable to drill a hole. It is easier to use the first method.

The only disadvantage of such a mill, is that over time it loses its properties and grinding of pepper becomes large. But it would be enough for a year or two for sure!

Thanks for attention!

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