Technology laying linoleum "for dummies"

Laying of linoleum during the repair work, each owner can independently. This procedure is not so difficult to be sure it was necessary for its implementation to attract professionals. That is, the owner of the home is able to get serious enough savings by performing repair.

But it is important to put this material in order to effect the work has been completely positive. There are two variants of laying of the material. In case the first does not need to use a lot of glue. The second method involves just its application.

For each of the methods necessary to describe in detail, as they have their own specific and require certain specific actions. One embodiment, which does not require the use of glue, performed starting with the segment of training material.

Linoleum should be cut so that the piece repeats the shape of the room, or rather, the floor surface in the room room. It can be used to carry out the procedure ordinary knife, but it is much better to turn to the use of special scissors.

It is necessary to leave a small gap. Finished piece is spread on the floor and aligned to one of the walls. Most often, for the "basic" take the wall where the door is. linoleum piece unfolds and left for two or three days. After that the mounting plinths that have very tightly grab linoleum and hold it. By resorting to the use of adhesive if lay the entire floor area by one piece in case of linoleum fails. Most often, when it is used PVA glue.

Before you put the linoleum with plastered to the back of the adhesive to the base, you need to wait 10 minutes, so it's a little soaked. Particular attention should be paid to the seams located between the pieces of linoleum. Sealing of seams is carried out about a day after stacking the pieces of material will be realized. To do this, apply cold welding.

The material that is used in this case, is placed into the seam, whereupon it holds good faces linoleum segments. As a result, the pieces of floor covering virtually stitched together. When will one more day, you can begin to put the skirting boards in place.

Both described variants are allowed, so you need to choose the one that best suits the owners dwelling in the concrete conditions of the repair.

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