Frequently asked questions about laminate

Many owners of the premises are trying to make repairs on their own. Make it difficult for them enough, because in most cases they have no construction experience, which severely hampers any task in front of them. In this article we will try to answer the questions that often arise in people who are trying to lay laminate flooring themselves.

Is it possible to make installation of laminate panels, if the apartment is used under floor heating?

All of you probably know that any type of floor covering is afraid of water and can not get close to the water. However, if the heating system is made on the conscience, and in it there are no flaws, the combination of underfloor heating and laminate can give a very surprising result. The fact that the panel has all the necessary properties to provide the necessary conditions for effective interaction with the heating system. The only thing that is absolutely necessary - a substrate, which will have the necessary resistance to heat transfer. It can be easy to find, as the laminate in Minsk, via the Internet or in specialized stores.

What should I do if the swell started to laminate?

Sometimes newcomers to the construction business happen very unpleasant situation in which the floor covering starts to deform. In most cases, the reason for this is the small indentation or wrong connection, particularly if used Tarket laminate 33 class. Not to use the services of professional installers can try to do the following:

1. Remove the previously installed baseboards, and carefully review whether the indentation along the entire length coat or not. In addition, check all other immovable objects, between which must be a certain distance (e.g., water pipes).

2. Check if there are too much mechanical action has a lock on the laminate.

In case of detection of these problems they should be promptly corrected, otherwise there is the chance that changes will be irrevocable and will have to lay new laminate panel. Increase the distance from the wall, you can use the saws, cutting off any excess. Eliminate the same problem with a lock, you must check that screws around it was as much space as it needs.

If the problem is resolved quickly, within one or two days, the floor covering will return to normal.

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