Clean the walls from plaster

It's time to move from words to action. You face the challenge. Clean the walls of the old plaster. Assess the condition of the plaster, if the painted plaster or tapping an empty sound is heard, then shoot uniquely. My advice is to remove all bricks or concrete, be careful in places where there are air ducts, so as not to damage them. firstly, alignment walls inside the room space is narrowed, secondly align uneven plaster old harder than plastered again.

And while the space inside the bathroom or toilet, though not much, but increase. Clean the walls is desirable perforatorPre donning the respirator. Beaten off the plaster, you should immediately be packed in bags, so as not to hinder further work.

Of course cleaning the walls of plaster, time-consuming process, it is better to hire workers.

Clean the walls from plaster.

Well, here you have cleared the wall of plaster, and think what to do next? A further check on the vertical walls. It is they seem to be vertical at first glance. To do this, it takes a long flat rail, preferably a metal profile to be sure that the rake is flat. Puts the rail to the wall and to the rail puts the level or plumb. Reconciling rail and look at the gap between the rack and the wall, and so check each wall on both sides.

Thereafter, it becomes clear how much of sand and cement (ratio: 3- 4 parts sand, cement 1) need to prepare the plaster. Will also become clear whether Stroebe walls need for laying pipes, if so, you need to draw with chalk on the wall, space for laying pipes, cut through the groove and soldering a pipe, but this is a topic of another lesson.

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