What is important to consider the installation of lighting on the ceilings?

Before invite specialists for installation, you need to be in the presence of all lights that you plan to install.

Location chandeliers and spotlights on a tension ceiling

Central source of illumination is the favorite option of lighting in our apartments. Chandeliers for suspended ceilings, you can choose almost any, though there are some restrictions.

If the chandelier is fitted with halogen lamps, they must be no closer than 10-15 cm. on canvas ceiling. Otherwise, the heat of the lamps under the stretch ceiling it can melt. If the model has a chandelier with incandescent horns directed upwards, the distance between the stretch ceiling lamps and must be at least 40 cm.

Location of the tension ceiling lamps - it is only your preferences. There is only a couple of restrictions during the installation of lamps built - painting is set to not less than 8 cm. from the ceiling.

You also can not twist halogen lamps, since, as mentioned above, they are very hot and can melt the fabric. In all other cases, the ceiling can be mounted in any lighting.

If a location on a tension ceiling fixtures, we figured out that a variety of lighting can catch the buyer's surprise. So, the main features of lighting solutions - today it is suspended (on a hook) and a ceiling chandelier ceilings, spot lights, LED ribbon.

If you do not know what kind of chandelier ceiling tension you choose to hang out in the room a month, a year or several years, better to mounting fabric you immediately establish a universal rack (special design to support the chandelier). And in the future, when replacing the suspended chandeliers on the ceiling, you will not need to call the professionals, you will be able to do this work themselves.

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