Choosing drywall for different applications

Virtually no repair at the moment can not be imagined without the use of drywall. This material allows for a lot of repair procedures, which ultimately makes the interior more interesting. In particular, plasterboard are various interior walls, it is carried out by means of alignment walls and developing are various decorative elements.

In most cases there are sheets of plasterboard which have a size of 300x120 cm. As can be seen, drywall - enough dimensional material, but with the help of his work is carried out fairly quickly.

The thickness of the sheet can be up to 2.4 cm. Minimum same in this case - 0.8 cm. Especially thick drywall sheets are required when there is a need to create a partition. It turns out the best of a strong, but at the same time and not too massive weight. Unfortunately, standard options drywall susceptible to spoilage as a result of contact with moisture. In addition, they are easy to light up. The reason for this is that the sheets consist of gypsum and thick paper. As a result, there are all the "conditions" for rapid spoilage. Plain plasterboard can only be used if the room operating conditions are favorable or neutral.

But this is not in all cases, therefore, have to resort to special types of drywall. They are easy to find on the market, but the qualities of this material should be discussed separately. Drywall can be moisture-resistant.

It is marked as "gypsum plasterboard", ie "water-resistant plasterboard sheets." Material of this type is suitable for use in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In addition to conventional components, as part of the drywall also contains antiseptic impregnation, reduces the risk of damage.

In addition, drywall is also fire-resistant. Accordingly, its abbreviation - GKLO. It is difficult to say in which cases the repair in an apartment may be a need for the use of this particular material. Usually you have to use it if the repair is carried out in the boiler room of a house. During manufacture GKLO its structure belongs to the gypsum is calcined.

There is also the so-called architectural drywall. It is used when you want to create decorative elements - columns, arches, ceiling wave. Especially this type of drywall is that it is very easy to bend.

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