How to kiss: first kiss long "in life"?

What can we say, but romantic relationships begin with the first kiss. Girls are so careless that he was disappointed at first kiss with a young man, at once put an end to this relationship. So maybe men are right when they start to worry, interested in how to kiss, the first kiss should leave a "trace" in their new relationship.

To begin, relax, run shyness and timidity. Think that she takes a liking to you, go to the action to win her heart. Of course, do not just go for it, as a "boa" to "rabbit", you can first, inadvertently, hug and kiss a girl on the cheek when saying goodbye. It is worth noting that the current progressive young people so that they kiss each other on the lips even classmates and schoolmates. Do not kiss a girl on the lips on the first date, such beauty might think that you do not like. So we must act on the situation, focusing on the temperament and behavior of the companion.

Make lady gift: buy flowers or visit romantic place. Remember, paving the way for the first kiss, how to kiss becomes immediately clear. Because now you are to win the girl, and she feels a sense of joy and guess how you feel about it.

"Mentos" in your hands, can not do without fresh breath! Brush your teeth - at least, chewing gum - as a bonus.

Complements the first kiss hair stroking arms, waist, back partner.

Many girls come to the delight when young people are not only perfectly kiss, but at the same time whispering sweet words in your ear, do not speak hackneyed compliment.

Kiss should be diverse: easy, with the penetration of the language, biting or sucking lips. From this "Casanova" girls are excited, such kisses and forced to become flushed at least look forward to a new meeting.

Do not stop in practice - it's the best your "fitness machine" more Kiss - watch the reaction of your kisses, analyze their actions, make adjustments and adequately perceive criticism.

Well, the last tip, not the fact that your first kiss should fall on the lips. Go to the girl from behind, flip her hair to the shoulders and a gentle kiss on the neck - 97% of women from these actions are moving to the next stage of the relationship, you know, what are we?

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