Plain and Angle nozzle for screwdriver

Today is hard to imagine a modern master without a screwdriver. This simple tool proved indispensable in everyday life. With the help of the screwdriver can be repaired, assemble and disassemble furniture.

When the question comes to purchasing the tool first thing that draws your attention to the buyer - it's specifications. But it is constantly forgotten about the most important thing in the screwdriver - a nozzle. Without these tools completely unusable. The quality of the nozzles depends entirely on the work process.

It is worth knowing that there are separate heads for electric or manual screwdriver. They can be distinguished visually, as the nozzle for hand tools have a specific handpiece. It may be noted two main nozzle for an electric screwdriver - standard and corner.

Standard nozzle has a hexagonal rod, with which you can unscrew the screws and tighten. Angular nozzle has a special purpose. It is necessary to unscrew and tighten the screws at an angle of 30 degrees. Similar technology is used in working with Pneumatic angle, using which it is easy to unscrew and tighten the screws at a certain angle.

It should be noted that the nozzle may be made of different materials. The main materials for their manufacture considered: 1. Steel, which has a high coefficient of wear; 2. Steel with additives pobedita; 3. Steel coated with the titanium nozzle; 4. win; 5. Flint Magnesium spec.

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