Repair of the staircase, so as not to creak

Outer aka outer or upper ladder repair to eliminate skip can be carried out in several ways depending on the field of stairs friction.

Repair of the staircase - the elimination of squeaking.

If creaking steps occur in the offense is to eliminate this flaw in the stair need to drill some holes inclined to the riser. A mean size for driving nails are considered small hole diameter of 1, 5 mm and for screwing screws 2 and 5 mm.

Selecting the way to fixing stage depends on the master preference, however, it should be noted that the consolidation stage at the expense of self-tapping screws to be more reliable as opposed to fixing details on the nails at the same time mask that is to grind off, putty and paint the cap screws will be much more difficult than to eliminate the consequences of repairs with the help of nails.

If creaking stair appears at the end of the field and not on the working area of ​​the mounting holes for additional steps need to be drilled in the string. Then, when the required holes to be done by the stairs can also be mounted on the nails or screws on.

Repair of the staircase - fixing.

Thus it is necessary to consider that repair ladders, as in the first and in the second method need only be carried out after temporarily fixing the ladder steps. It's enough to put on a creaking stage of any heavy object, and only then you can start drilling holes and subsequent fasteners weakened parts.

At this stage, we can assume that the repair of stairs made.

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