The man in the country built a house using wood and clay. Photos Before / After.

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The man decided to build their own hands a very small house, and it was decided to make a very unusual way, you may be faced with something like this, but we see this technology for the first time.

For a start frame of a house built from timber on plain concrete blocks, no foundation did not do as honestly to live permanently in the winter season and was not supposed to, but for a country house that was enough.

So, the house was supposed to get a small, one-storey.

After that began the most interesting, the man began to fill the walls, scraps of ordinary boards, with their tightly folded, but cracks in this case still existed.

To construct was more stable male paved horizontal rows of the other boards.

Gradually filling honeycomb boards lower rows male immediately began promazyvat clay to seal the gap and thus to structure became more rigid and strong.

Thus it was completed the entire first floor. Note that putting the board in this manner, wall thickness turned impressive, and given that all cracks slipped clay, possibly, such is not very bad.

Before you begin to lay out the walls of a man sheathed simple boards attic, and after Toko like the walls were made and covered with slate roof itself.

Inserting windows and installing the door, the house was completely closed and has looked almost like a full house.

Inside, in order to be able to align the like walls, made of wooden lath bars and over again caused a layer of clay as an additional reinforcement.

Then gradually the man outside and plastered walls painted roofing Shiver more simpoaichny green.

Inside, the walls are plastered over the clay and turned out quite not bad, so that now, after plastering inside and outside the premises, do not even tell from which lined the walls.

The whole house looks quite not bad for the summer, but in winter is likely to be still cold.

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