8 tips for the interior, which will help to lose weight

If we stick to a diet, then we limit ourselves in tidbits that, unfortunately, there are around: presented on 8 March cake, half-eaten slice of pizza after guests or mom cooked cupcakes. Avoid disruptions and to achieve the goal in losing weight helps clever organization of space. Your attention, we present a few tricks.

Put fruit plate in the right place

A plate of fruit is best to put on the available space, so that it was much closer than the sweetness. If you want to eat, it will be easier to reach a pear or an apple than to chocolates on the top shelf of the cabinet. Promise yourself that when you want sweets, you first eat some fruit. If the desire for sweets is not lost, at least you used it much less.

Plan with the help of stickers

Your diet - it is a goal that is achieved by a clear plan. That is why it is important to share the main goal into sub-goals and strive to achieve each. The easiest way to monitor the progress using the stickers. Record sub on pieces of paper and place it in a prominent place, ideally - in the kitchen, where they will come across your eyes every day. Also write the foods that you can eat and exercise plan. Just do not confuse this with other stikernuyu board on which you place photos or work plans. Stickers should only be on your diet.

Remove junk food

Most people do not eat because the body sends a signal of hunger, but because there is nothing to take your hand or the food looks very appetizing. Therefore, get rid of harmful food or remove it at the remote shelf in the closet and refrigerators. Useful product is located closer to boredom while you were pulled over chopped carrot, rather than burger.

Loose fill shelves utensils

If your kitchen has open shelves cluttered with food, while permutation dishes. Put into the open beautiful glasses or dishes and put in closed products. So you not only to decorate the kitchen, but also get rid of a temptation.

Tidy food in the refrigerator

Your diet implies the existence of everyday products. So they put on the most prominent shelf, yogurt - on the refrigerator door, fruits and vegetables - on average. If your household like carbonated sugar water and are not ready to give them up, put their drinks down. So it will be harder to reach them, and fruits will be much closer.

Eat according to plan portions

To lose weight, you need to clearly define the portion size. And it is extremely difficult to do, if every meal you type your own food from the big dishes. So it's best to figure out your daily rate and distribute it in portions and closed containers. Even the great hunger will not allow you to eat more than you have in your tank. But most dishes allow you to exceed the rate of even a few times.

Revise the order in the kitchen products

Healthy food should move closer. For example, while cooking, you are likely to cook healthy porridge, if the dealer will be at your fingertips. If you open the closet and see flakes for a quick breakfast, then the solution will be obvious.

Buy two laundry baskets

One basket, you need to take for casual wear that - to that in which the exercise. So you will keep hygiene rules. But there is this council and hidden meaning. If the basket of sportswear will not be complete by the end of the week, so you exercise often enough. Your brain will subconsciously interpret this signal, and you'll have to go to the gym.

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