An interesting fact in the life of Michael Pugovkina

All who love the Soviet films, are well aware of the People's Artist Mikhail Pugovkina, which became a favorite of many. But few know that during the Second World War Pugovkin could lose his legs. Michael volunteered for the war in 1941 at the end of June.

Initially, the boy got into the militia situated near Yelnya, where at that time there were fierce battles with fascists. Then he was transferred to the 1147th Regiment, where he continued to serve a scout. A year later, in late 1942, in a battle near the city of Voroshilovgrad, he was seriously injured in the leg. He was immediately sent to the hospital, but the shortage of medicines at Michael gangrene, it was decided to amputation decision, otherwise he will die. Michael agrees to amputation.

But then fate intervenes in the case, the fact that a few days before that Stalin gave a strong scolding physicians, for a lot of amputations. He gave the order to treat soldiers, not make them disabled, of course there's doctors began to make efforts to save the wounded. Thanks to the efforts to save Michael Foot, the front he could not go back - komissovali.

Already in the civilian Pugovkin managed to get into the Russian Drama Theater to the wonderful talented director Nikolai Gorchakov, just as soon as he gets the lead role in the play "Muscovite", after this role for the first time appeared in a small role in the film, Weddings, when the shooting had famously danced to Michael, what forces him it required, after taking off from the feet of boots, he literally poured the blood on the floor.

Despite the fact that the education he did not. Studied only 3 class, he still manages to enter the Moscow Art Theater to Ivan Moskvin, he immediately became his favorite student. Later Pugovkin play a lot of roles that are liked by the audience.

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