Thermostatic mixer, an indispensable thing in any home


When repairs in his apartment here on what did not want to save it so in the plumbing. Wanted to buy a quality bath mixer and shower. On the internet I saw this type of thermostatic mixer, or simply as a thermostat.

Temperature regulator
Temperature regulator

Its working principle is based on the automatic mixing of hot and cold water, and the output is constantly maintained, the required water temperature. Exposed once the temperature 38 degrees and no need to constantly tighten levers with cold hot water.

pressure regulator
pressure regulator

Very relevant thermostatic mixer in apartments, where pressure of hot and cold water changes sharply. Few people will be pleased that when taking shower water rapidly become cold or hot. In such cases, the thermostat will save.

In two of the thermostat control arm: Temperature regulator and pressure regulator. The default setting is a comfortable temperature for a person in 38 degreesCan be varied in the range from cold to hot. Also there is a switch on the showerhead.

Lake soul bought separately
Lake soul bought separately

You can note the dignity of the thermostatic mixer:

  • Permanence water outlet temperature;
  • Saving resources. No need to long setting temperature when the water just flows away into the pipe;
  • Security. No risk of getting burned, hot water at the cold water is suddenly switched off;
  • Durability and reliability.


  • High enough price;
  • The complexity of service in small towns. Not everywhere has service centers for maintenance and repair.

After two years of operation, no regrets on the funds spent, decent plumbing fixtures for decent money.

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